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An Illustrated Key

To the 

Philippine Freshwater Zooplankton. 

Including some brackish water species from Laguna de Bay.  

With ecological notes.   

By  Flemming Petersen. 

former DANIDA [1] consultant at SEAFDEC [2]. 

In cooperation with

Rey Donne S. Papa [
and Augustus C. Mamaril [
4 ]

1984, 2014  

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Reference list is updated to 2018 edition.

To the Filipino Fisherman.

1. Content

1.        Introduction (By F. Petersen)

2.        Book Review (By A. Mamaril)

3.        Methods in Zooplankton Sampling, Ecology and
      Identification for General Biology Teachers,
     (By R.
Papa and A. Mamaril).

4.         Key

o     Protozoa

o     Coelenterata

o     Rotifers

o      Monogonta

o    Plioma

o      Brachionidae

o      Euclanidae

o      Trichotriidae

o     Colurellidae

         - Lepadellidae

o     Lecanidae

o     Trichocercidae

o     Gastropodidae

o     Asplanchnidae

o     Synchaetidae

o    Flosculariacea

o     Testudinellidae

o     Filiniidae

o     Hexarthridae

o     Conocholidae

o    Collothecacea

o     Collothecidae

o     Arthropods

o     Insects

o    Dipterans

o     Crusteceans

o    Cladocerans

o      Sididae

o      Daphnidae

o      Moinidae

o      Bosminidae

o     Chydoridae

o     (Macrotricidae)

o     Copepods

o     Calanoida

o     Pseudodiaptomidae

o     Diaptomidae

o     Cyclopoida

o     Cyclopidae

o     Lernaidae

o     Ergasilidae

o        Ostracoda

5.        References

o      Cronological [only ref.]

o       Alphabetical [all cited]

6.        Index



[1] Danish International Development Agency. Private Email:  

[2] South-East Asian Fisheries Development Center. Binangonan Research Station.

[3] Department of Biological Sciences and Research Center for the Natural Sciences, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines

[4] Associate Professor; M.S. Biology, Institute of Biology, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City.


An Illustrated Key
to the Philippine
Freshwater Zooplankton.

Including some brackish water species from Laguna de Bay.

With ecological notes.




Flemming Petersen

In cooperation with

Rey Donne S. Papa

Augustus C. Mamaril


Photos from 1979-83 (Greyscale pictures of specimens from 1980) & 2013 by
Flemming Petersen, M.S.,


Photos from 2007 and 2013 by
Donne S. Papa, M.S.


To the Filipino Fisherman.