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Second antenna with dorsal branch 3-segmented and ventral branch
. Mostly littoral species. Feeding on epi­phytic algae, detritus and bacteria, scraped off the surface of macrophytes and stones (Alona, Kurtzia, Alonella etc.)



98 a. Anal teeth on postabdomen gradually diminishing proximally..............................................Ephemeroporus


(syn. CHYDORUS, (LEACH 1816))
 Systematically status discussed by Smirnov (1996).



B. barriosi: Scanning Electron Micrographs of antennae.
(Pascual et al. 2014)


     Rostrum blunt. Labrum with serrated teeth. One truly planktonic species, also littoral. With spine on lower corner of the valves. Systematically status discussed by Smirnov (1996) – a species complex.  Common in littoral zones, sometimes found in low number in limnetic zone (Pascual et al. 2014).
Laguna de Bay, Paoay Lake, Lake Baao, Lake Mainit, Taal Lake.
  Ephemeroporus barroisi, (RICHARD, 1894)
  ( syn. Chydorus barroisi)
        [1939c, 1971, 1973, 1978a+b, 1980, 1984a,

               1986a, (1982) 2001a (Chydorus barroisi),
2008b, 2011a, 2014].


E. barroisi from Laguna de Bay


98 b. Anal teeth on postabdomen gradually diminishing proximally, but several much longer teeth before anal aperture.....................Chydorus




      Without spine on lower corner of the valves. Philippine species littoral, see Mamaril and Fernando (1978a,b, 1986a). One species is, however, found in plankton.
- Paoay Lake, Taal Lake.
Chydorus ventricosus  DADY, 1894
             [2001a, 2008b, 2011a].


98 c Anal denticles almost equal in sizes, valves with polygons.

Found mostly in eutrophic freshwater bodies with dense macrophytes cover in the littoral zones. A species complex which might be separated into several genera and species. Littoral and limnetic (Pascual et al. 2014).
- Lake Malbato (Palawan),Lake Danao

    Chydorus cf. sphaericus (MÜLLER 1785)






98 d Other genera from Chydoridae recorded from the Philippines:
Pleuroxus, Alonella, Anthalona, Dadaya, Dunhevedia[1], Leydigia[2], Alona[3], Kurzia[4], Camptocercus, Euryalona, Indialona, Biapertura[5], Oxyurella.
All benthic genera, but underlined genera might be taken
in plankton samples in shallow lakes in very low numbers
See Smirnov (1971), Mamaril and Fernando [1978a,b + 1986a] and

Pascual et al. [2014]
for further information.


Alona sp. (?)

MACROTRICIDAE, Norman and Brady 1867  (family).
A benthic family, but might be taken in plankton
samples in shallow lakes in very low numbers


99 a. Echinisca, Macrothrix, Grimaldia, Guernella, Ilyo­cryptus[1].

        See Mamaril and Fernando [1978a+b, 1986a] for further information.

Macrotrix sp. 




[1] E.g. D. crassa KING, Taal Lake: Mamaril 2001a, Papa & Mamaril  2011a

[1] E.g. I. spinifer HERRICH ,  Mamaril  2001a, Papa & Mamaril  2011a,

[2] E.g.  L. acanthocercoides FISHER, Smirnov 1971

[3] E.g. A. archeri SARS, Brehm 1933d, A. pseudoanodonta BREHM, Brehm 1933d

[4] E.g. K. longirostris DADAY, Smirnov 1971, Mamaril and Fernando 1978b

[5] E.g. B. pseudoverrucosa, Paoay Lake: Aquino et al. 2008b, Taal Lake:,  Mamaril  2001a, Papa & Mamaril  2011a;
B. intermedia SARS, Smirnov 1971



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